Love on Two Wheels

Okay friends... let's note a few things here. 

  • I'm writing this three glasses deep on a Saturday night thinking about how magical all our little soul-intertwine-action in this life really is.
  • I could BAWL my face off for how amazing this night out was with Randy, Jen + the Cyclepaths crew!
  • I feel like I blinked and it became May. Who's out there dancing the Time Warp? I am trying to slow my roll, by at least ten speeds.

So, let's get down to the story behind this images. I met Randy many moons ago through our beloved pal Donna Lynn Photography and I ALWAYS had a major lady crush on girlfriend, Jen. I remember walking into Rowena on Whyte and thinking, "Hot DAMN, she is as cute as a doll!"

Fast forward through a few shoots + many bonding moments and I was bugging Jen and Randy a couple weeks ago to take some shots of them on their bikes together just for some Instagram love! Randy messaged me privately and said, "It's so funny you'll be coming on the Saturday bike ride with your camera.... I'll call you later. Don't tell Jen."

I think I screamed in my office cubicle when I read the message because I INSTANTLY knew a proposal was in the works. The next few days flew by and alas, it's Saturday - and I'm standing on Randy's patio planning the proposal logistics with him - and the rest is history! I couldn't think of a more lovely and deserving couple of all this mad romance, truly and sincerely! And to the Cyclepaths family, thank you ALL for welcoming me in for the night, lending me a bike, and proving to me that punkers are the best people that roam this earth! A million hugs, high fives + wine swishes from me XO


"I've Got Your Name Written Here, in a Pineapple Tattoo." - Karly + Rodney

Some loves just knock the wind out of you - and these two gorgeous humans DEFINITELY have one of those amazing "holy-shit-how-did-you-two-magical-souls-even-find-eachother" connections. What started as an Instagram friendship (if memory serves!), then a casual Facebook message about maybe booking Vegas as their wedding destination.... fast forward a few months and we're all down in the desert dancing our way through what I think might have been one of my favourite trips ever.

The desert is always a spiritual experience. But having my friend June fly out from Scottsdale to spend the day with us before the wedding meant so, so much to me. I felt like someone had plugged me back into the outlet, finally, and my soul hit the recharge button. Wandered our way through the beautiful hotels that Saturday evening, picked up two of the cutest dice suckers you've ever seen - and next thing I knew I'm waiting in the garden at The Flamingo with Rodney for the first look. Few more hops + skips and were strolling through the Martian-esque land that is Red Rock for this lusty wedding session. Please scroll through + enjoy! I hope these images bring you all even a morsel of the joy they have brought me. XO Bre


Mi Amore - Lindsay + Leonardo

I've had the pleasure of having Lindsay in my life a few years now and she's proven herself to be a superb wine-slingin' + psych chattin' pal! And up until now I've only "heard" about her gorgeous Italian beau, Leonardo. When we were planning this shoot Lindsay said, "I just want it to feel like us and we hate posing." I instantly knew the key to the success of our session .... a bottle of red and the cutest wine spot in town, Bottega.


All my sessions leave my heart full, but this one "filled my cup" to the very top! Meeting couples and getting to experience their connection, for even a brief moment, is the ultimate high. Lindsay and Leonardo have the most special of connections. They met across the world and have made a long distance relationship work for a long time now! If I could sum up the emotions I felt coming out of this session it would be adoration + inspiration. Thank you, to both of you, for letting me capture a few moments in your already-very-rushed time together! XO


Leather in Love

My darlings, when will the winter end! I'm downright itching for some sun, long runs without ice patches and never shivering again. Taking sometime on this blustery afternoon to share my last shoot for the Bridal Fantasy 2018 magazine - I loved this set! Simple, sweet + loaded with rock n' roll details. My friend from Grant MacEwan, Amelia of Wink Ink Design Co. started making this rad leather coats for brides and I am OBSESSED. I want one just for me, sans wedding LOL. I hope they inspire you all as you're planning your wedding, elopement or anniversary! Your day, your way baby! XO 


Location: Mercer Tavern / Bridal Attire: David's Bridal / Leather Jacket: Wink Ink Design Co. / Jewellery + Accessories: David's Bridal / Floral Design: Flowers by Merle / Bike: Daymak Cameleon Ebike / Models: Elizabeth Varga + Graham Hansen

Wintery Fairytale + A Touch of Darkness - Dani + Warren!

If you're brave enough to get married in -30 and troop through the snowbanks in your gown, punch rock boots and a leather coat.... then you are TRULY a queen in my books! Dani and Warren had so many rad details in their day, I'm not even sure where to begin! 

Their ceremony location ROCKED - I didn't even know you could rent out The Princess Theatre nor that they would throw your names up on the marquee! From there we snapped some winter wonderland photos in Hawrelak Park then stopped for drinks and more photos at the forever stunning Jasper Ave bar, Blvd. Choreographed first dances, one giant pink beer bong, hairless cat table markers and just the appropriate amount of skeletons poking out everywhere... this was truly a wedding after my own heart! Thank you Dani + Warren for including Allison and I in your special day! We have no doubt that you guys, your hairless cats, and troupe of amazing family and friends are on your way to many more hilarious adventures!


Rocky Mountain Fairytale - Bridal Fantasy 2018

Greetings dear friends, seriously, where did 2017 go? I cannot believe a whole year has passed and I am sitting here once again, getting ready to prep a booth for the expo, to meet all your gorgeous brides and to also gather all my thoughts and gratitudes for this amazing experience.

This past year was defined by truly amazing, genuine relationships in my life. Through grieving the loss of my dad - it's not that immense loss that stands out in my mind but the golden hearts that expand big enough to fill that empty space back up. I would never have been at The Fairmont  with the Bridal Fantasy family in the first place if it wasn't for Janine and her team at Fabloomosity  for taking a chance on me many moons ago over a bridal editorial for Instagram. I cannot express my gratitude or love enough because truly - where would I be without you guys?

The whole Bridal Fantasy team that they assemble for these shoots is just .... downright gobsmacking. I wish I was a poet in moments like these. But I'm not, I'm just a tiny Ukrainian girl with a laptop + a glass of wine trying to put together something that might one day resemble a functional blog. Thank you ALL from the very bottom of my heart for including us in this whirlwind. Here's to 2018!

Check out Harrison at Glass Stone Cinema's incredible BTS video of the shoot:


Rose Red + Violent Blue

I reunited with Chelsey and Zach for a fun morning session at Mercer's Tavern during the holiday break amidst the freezing cold snap blustering around us outside! Chelsey is one of those golden souls that dances into your life and you know you have to keep her around forever! This was my first opportunity to meet Zach (the whole long distance thing makes it even more difficult to get all your buds acquainted!)  and truly, I was blown away by his kindness and openness. I've said it before, and I will say it again - but getting to see your friends live their best life is one of the truest joys I've known. I'm endlessly happy you two rock n' rollers found each other despite the seas of chaos that life presents us. Always an honour! XO


An Engagement of Punk Rock Proportions

Karly and Rodney are possibly my favourite couple combo I have met this year! They are two young, amazing parents with a connection that warms your soul all the way to your very toes! I love couples like this because they challenge the stereotype of what "awesome parents" look like in our heads - proving to us all once again that tattooed beauties are forever the kings and queens of the world! I was honoured when they asked me to join them for their engagement session at The Holy Roller with their punk rock son. I hope these images make you smile as much as they do to me!


Once Upon an Autumn Eve

Halloween is a very special holiday for some of us. For me and my troupe of spooky pals - it rivals Christmas! I always like to do something different just to celebrate this magical time of year! This year it was a shoot with all of the amazing people I could wrangle together by bribing them with hugs, high fives and a guaranteed adventure! This awesome set would be nothing without all of you and I hope you know how much I appreciate you guys! Please enjoy this Southern voodoo inspired love story editorial! Let the credits roll: Floral Creations by Fabloomosity, Hair + Makeup by Behind the Blush,  Real-Life Lovers + Beauties: Heather + Chris, Styling + Props: Rhonda of Simply Green Style and BTS Video and Shots by my doll Kaespo.


Michelle + Jesse.

A week away in paradise with these babes! Jamaica, you stole our hearts (and broke our livers!) Truly, this place is paradise. The white sand, turquoise waters and rolling skies - in my mind, this is what heaven looks like! Michelle has been a long time beautiful soul in my life, we met through work and I'm truly honoured to be one of the sixty-eight magical humans that travelled down to witness this beachy union! These photos make me smile because already I forget how beautiful this setting was... I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Michelle and Jesse, wishing you endless golden years! Thank you both so much for opening your arms and welcoming me into your family for the week. XO


Chelsie + Eric.

These two. Where do I begin? I met Chelsie years ago through one of my best girlfriends and I instantly fell in love with her love for life and easy-going nature. Not long after, I met Eric. He's genuine, kind and has a zest for life that matches Chelsie's. Their wedding day was exactly that!

It was a warm late October day (superbly warm, actually!). With a love-filled ceremony tucked away at a golden golf-course spot we then left for photos behind the Varscona Theatre. Smoke bombs, a train, confetti and a wedding party so beautiful they belong in a magazine - this was a dream day! We ended our photo journey back at the golf course with tons of tear-filled speeches, delicious food and bountiful drinks. It was truly the perfect fall day! Congratulations Chelsie and Eric, I am so honoured to have been a part of your day! #BeckGoesHam


Andrea + Cam.

My darlings, it's so amazing the people that come and go in your life. It's the best part of this job - and I find I'm constantly marvelling at all these beautiful people around me now! Cam and Andrea are no exception! This is a power-house couple! Great sense of self, solid in their connection, already well-off into their careers for their young age - it was truly such a pleasure to be a part of their day!

Their thoughtfulness and care showed in every detail of the day. From a father-daughter first look to a photo op at the chocolate shop from their first date, to a reception spot at her grandmother's house with the most epic Edmonton river valley views you have ever seen! I cried I think three or four times this day - looking to my awesome assist, Allison, for strength to find her crying too! Take a look through some of the best moments of their day!


Rachael + Sean.

Rachael and Sean, where do I begin! I met these two literally ages ago when we were back in high school through my beautiful cousin, Jen. I've seen them grow from a a teenage punk rocker + dancer to two beautifully accomplished adults with a really solid connection. This day was SO fun. From the Disney infused details, their bulldog fur baby walking down the aisle with them, smoke + confetti cannons, to the epic thunderstorm chasing us that served for the most magnificent backdrop. I couldn't love the two of you anymore and it was truly an honour to be a part of your day! Wishing you all the golden moments that life can bring.

We got to shoot alongside the very talented Morgan Gold - this was his first attempt at a wedding! I think you will all agree - he did a dynamite job! I've attached the video below:


Ashley + Justin.

Greetings and my biggest apologies on such a delay sweet friends! 2017 has been a year unlike no other, truly. One day I'll locate the proper words to talk about it all - but this month I am dedicating my time to blogging ALL the amazing couples from this year! 

I connected with Ashley over Instagram back in 2016 - we chatted over email then met for a tea one night to discuss their wedding. As soon as I saw her - bright purple bob, bright and bold tattoos and the eyes of an old soul - I knew this was going to be a couple I would vibe with.

So, their special day rolls around, I pack up my gear and head out to New Norway. It was a beautiful Alberta prairie day - dry heat, rolling skies, all the lush colours of a good spring. The country drive was soul soothing. We gathered in the cutest tiny chapel with their closest family and friends, snapped some photos at the farm Ashley grew up on and finished out at the lake for a BBQ. I swear, I tell every couple they're my favourite, and I genuinely always mean it! But Ashley and Justin hold a special place in my heart. They're genuine. Their connection is stunning. The only thing more stunning are their warm, welcoming hearts. Here's a few of my favourite snaps of the day!


So when I leave here on this earth, did I take more than I gave?

Today marks not only the summer solstice - today is one month since we lost our beautiful father. Though nothing feels "normal" (as we know this is a sorrow that now accompanies us through our mortal journey) a talk with a co-worker today finally inspired me to write a few of my thoughts down.

 One of the few photographs we have of "young dad" - and my current favourite.

One of the few photographs we have of "young dad" - and my current favourite.

Death is as natural of process for us on this journey as birth is - yet (most of us) ignore it and it feels like no one can talk about it in any proper way. But the whole talking piece is really necessary. So I'll share with you my thoughts; when this day comes in your world, just know that we are out here! Loving and ready to hold you in this space.

The people who arrive in these situations - and those who disappear - are surprising. When the dust settles, you will very clearly be able to see who stands with you. This is a (hidden) gift. Experiences of this magnitude will push you into a new space, and there isn't room for all of your old life there anymore. Outside of these few "angels" - the rest of everything feels like useless chatter and it just falls away. What used to stress me out a mere month ago - no longer has any effect on me. I know exactly where my heart lies.

When I see my siblings now, it literally feels like my heart is exploding out of my chest because I see so much "Dad" in them. I see his giant grin, his love of laughter and life, his generous heart - I see all of him. And I know that having twenty-seven great years with Dad and a lifetime with this stunning family marks me a lucky lady. If I wasn't quite sure of eternal life before, I am now. 

"I heard you die twice, once when they bury you in the grave
And the second time is the last time that somebody mentions your name."

Soul spill + verbal garble. I will tell you right now - that it is your job as a good human to wake up every morning and do the very best you can. Tell all the people you love that you love them, every single day. Do the absolute most wicked job at your work as your can. Make an impact. Create community. Spread the love. This life is so short, each day wasted is already too much. There is so much inane, negative content out there - I hope this post stops you and makes you reflect, even for a moment. 

This day came as a shock for us. Now I pour over these old photographs with a renewed and deep love for the job we've been gifted as photographers. We are invited into peoples lives for a day - voyeurs with fancy lenses. We create the images that they display at future weddings, family dinners and clutch onto in death. It's incredible. And overwhelming. All at once.

I got my breath, I got my faith and I remember why I came.

Heather and Ben - Country Love at Home

I was blessed enough to meet Heather through our beautiful mutual friend Dani White (a killer hairstylist from Rock It Out Salon if you're in the market!) back at Bridal Fantasy in January. Heather and Ben are getting married next summer in New Brunswick and wanted to capture some cozy at-home snaps for their engagement photos. Their adorable dog Opey couldn't resist stealing the spotlight! Thank you both for welcoming me into your home, it was truly an honour to spend the afternoon with you both!

Sunday Cozy

Smoke on the Mountain

My dearest dreamers, this might be my favourite memory of the year! Three days ridiculousness and wedding magic at Jasper Park Lodge! How does the story start?

It starts back in April with my first meeting with the FaBLOOMosity team. Every now and then a moment will stop you in your tracks, and you know that life will be different from here on out. And this was one of them. Finding a team of local madhouse geniuses that see magic in the mundane, live to create and have dark romantic souls just like you... well that's one in a million. We were instant friends and this Bridal Fantasy magazine shoot marked our first project out together!

Next up, the Bridal Fantasy team... holy BANANAS! Words do no justice for how much I love you all! I remain in a state of sheer gratitude for getting to join the team on this project. Meeting you all was the best part of it all! Glass Stone Cinema Brandie Sunley Grant Olson Photography you are all major rock stars, major

If this trip was a flip book, you would see: frozen models in elegant furs, a rose garden of dreams, two stunning grooms roaming the grounds, giant bouquets straight from a dreamland, sun-laded days to snowy mornings, Janine scaling a mountain, pastel smoke bombs and Janine scaling a mountain, a herd of mountain sheep, more of Janine scaling a mountain and the entire team creating a confetti storm of rose petals.

The cherry on top of this all was that I got to share this experience with my photo warrior and sister, Donna! We've travelled the globe together. We got bed bugs together. We drink too much whiskey, laugh and cry together. This was the ultimate way to end of the wedding season together! Until next time, XOXOX!

Huge thanks to Harrison from Glass Stone Cinema for this amazing video! Immortalizes the memories, forever! Check out his Vimeo channel here.


Lovers Alone Wear Sunlight

A little more than a year ago I met the most talented, ridiculous, kind-hearted, genius, metal/history buff couple that you could EVER FIND. Legitimately, I tell everyone that Amy and Tanner of Paragon of Design were born in the wrong lifetime. They are the definition of "Renaissance" in the modern day! Masters of All Trades, there is nothing they can't do! Back in the summer we were chatting about how rad a goth wedding editorial would  be (stick with wouldn't be this far if you too didn't have a dark soul!) Picture Apocalyptica meets wedding! Before you know it, the team was assembled and as per usual we were already too far off into our photoshoot dreamland!

This is Amy's wedding dress, can you believe it! Top hat, cake topper, guest book, entire outfits, accessories and styling all handmade by Paragon of Design. You just don't meet people who have this many incredible skill sets anymore! Special thanks so my forever teammate Donny Lynn Photography for shooting this with me!! You always keep my laughing and keep my energy checked when I am spinning out. And to you, sweet Kaespo, thank you for painting my cello! I know that was a terrifying, nail-biting experience! You did a stellar job. Even more amazing now that I get to keep that as a memory to tell my kids about when they pick it up! Stunning makeup by Ashley Skrocki and hair by Stephanie Herwynen. Enjoy XO!

Bold Will Hold

My love for tattoo culture started young. Even though I grew up playing classical instruments, I idolized Brody Dalle of The Distillers, Kat Von D and can still recite every Bad Religion lyric ever written. So I suppose, my niched obsession for portrait photography inked gals and ghouls was in the stars.

There will never be enough great coverage of these alternative beauties, but I'm proud to contribute my small body of work to the cause! I love you guys, I'm so lucky to have you all as dear friends now. Thank you for gracing my lens! One day we will walk around with our ink-laden bodies and will no longer receive the comments, "You know that's permanent right?" "What are you going to do on your wedding day?" "You kids will think you are scary looking!" Keep on rockin' LOVE YOU ALL. Horns up!

70s Inspired Hair Collaboration - Kaitlyn Lumgair

I absolutely ADORE hair collabs, I live for them in fact. Especially when we find each other through the Instagram waves and bond as sisters over strange cocktail combos at Earls! Kaitlyn is an extremely creative stylist from Eveline Charles and had wanted to do some create some grunge-editorial portraits with gels and vintage styling. The location was set for Hotel Macdonald and Kaitlyn's team of mega-talented women was assembled! Not to mention our gorgeous models Anya, Joyce, Emily and Brandi... I mean, look at them... this city is full of the most gorgeous creatures! Thank you to everyone for joining us on this adventure - it was a cold long day, but my soul is completely spilling out everywhere in joy at these images! XO