SKROCKI for Gilded Magazine Issue 7.3

Back in October I received an email from "Paragon" inquiring about a fashion collaboration. Paragon of Design? Just the name had me intrigued! Next I flipped through the website and was greeted by image after image of elaborately crafted leather & metal wears with the ornamentation that only an old soul has eyes for. Delighted, I sent back a quick "YES!" expecting "Great! We'll ship you the stuff from our home in Northern Europe." Except the response I got was, "Let's meet for coffee Friday night in St. Albert!"

Wait a minute, you guys live in Edmonton?

Where have you been hiding all my life!

So, for coffee we met. In love, we fell! Amy, Tanner and their daughter Seraphim had me smitten! We chatted about our love of old churches, iconography, history and dark imagery. By the time we hit the bottom of our coffee cups we had a date, models in mind and a story created. (I'm a FIRM karma believer! Universe always brings you the people you need, exactly when you need them.)

Next we rounded up all our favourite locals, a giant bag of smoke bombs and were on our merry way! I hope you enjoy the images from this beautiful day just as much as we do! Check out the full issue here!