All the New York City Angels

4 months have passed since this epic, ridiculous fashion runaway adventure. This marks my third trip to Manhattan, and each time I return it's even more incredible than the last. Why? Because that city is built of magic, obviously. This year is also the year I found THE BEST travel photo buddy ever! I finally have a home-grown Canadian to slug camera gear and whiskey around the globe with! Donna, I'll eternally thank all my lucky stars in the universe for you. 

What spurred the plane jumping this time? Our first BREED Academy conference with the one and only Melissa Rodwell! The best thing about these conferences is not the skills you learn, it's the people you meet! Melissa is a bad ass, punk rocker whose slaved in the fashion industry for decades - her edgy personality and "all heart + hustle" work ethic is truly something to behold. Our success as creatives will never result from "who has the most talent!" It grows with time. Whose passion drives them to work the hardest. Run the farthest. Sleep the least. Love the most. Grow the strongest. 

I also got to reunite with my NYC sister, Jeiran, on her roof top in the West Village! Legitimately, everytime I see her it becomes a highlight of my year. When I die, I'll remember meeting her in Los Angeles thinking "this might be the most vibrant woman on the face of the earth." I'll remember walking along the Seine at midnight in Paris with her, laughing and crying as we shared our personal histories. And I'll remember THIS moment, looking out onto all of Manhattan, drinking Rose and thinking, "This must be what life is about."

From the rooftop patio we went to dinner and Saturday night gospel choir at the Trans Church in the West Village! Caught a few more zzz's and back to Studio 11 for our day of editing with Tyler Mitchell! The day was done, we were all wiped, but yet our day with our new friends was not done! We went out after the conference to the most perfect hipster Brooklyn hotel bar. We showed all our new friends from all the great fun that comes with a night of Pickle-Backs. We bowled until 4am in a grungy punk alley and arrived back home to Soho at... 5 in the morning? The city that never sleeps! The next day we were greeted by "Fashion-Week-Leftover-Bed-Bugs" and ran through our hotel in towels looking like characters from The Shining, cured by many hot showers and no more sleep. Our NYC adventure finished with a day of street shooting with our favourite hometown homie,  Randy Cusak (coincidentally also traipsing through Manhattan!) and drinks back up on our hotel rooftop. September 2015, may my soul never forget you!

If we could bottle up these moments and save them for a rainier day, we all would. But that's the beauty of travel. The significance of our insignificance, the romance of our whimsy, dreamer lives always comes back in full force with each new plane ticket. Enjoy these snaps from our time in Gotham City. X