Jane + Oleg. A Splendid Romance.

It's not everyday I meet BEAUTIFUL intellects who love travelling, laughing and metal as much as I do. In fact, it's never. Until I met Jane and Oleg! These two are truly some of the most special souls I've met in my time yet here in the city. I have dreams of all of us making it to Wacken together one day! Though Jane + Oleg had married in the summer before we met, I had the pleasure of photographing them again in all their splendour (in the dead of winter!) Special thanks to my sister, Kaitlin, for accompanying me and making a wee video compilation of our journey this day! Sending my love your way (and waving my devil horns in the air!)

Videography by Kaitlin of 1290 Creative

Source: oleg-and-jane