England, Keep My Bones

"Our history runs down our rivers
Down our rivers to the sea
Reminds us of the things that matter
Home and heart and history."

Around here the sky is a little closer, a little closer to the ground.

Hello darlings - welcome back to another much belated round of adventure stories! In case you just came for the photos or don't like to hear about the ridiculousness of two Ukrainian ladies in foreign lands, I'll summarize some of the main highlights from our London + Iceland runaway. 

1) MC Motors. HOLY GODIVA. Check out this crazy set location right now and let your heart explode. If I had it my way I would have every photoshoot from now until eternity there. I would have my wedding there. I would curl up on one of the many couches and live there.

2) Kai Mayfair with the super-pac photo family. If you like colossal-sized GORGEOUS fine art prints and the world's best Wasabi prawns, this is for sure A MUST when one is in London town. Those prawns have haunted my dreams. Seriously!

3) Indian food on the Sabbath with our favourite Polish export, Gzregorz! After fully indulging ourselves we ordered enough vodka doubles to kill a small horse. (2 Ukes + 1 Pol in London, what else did you expect?) We learned very many important Polish terms to utilize for future adventures, such as "sperm absorber." Very important. Sometimes these moments flash back to me at the most absurd of times and I burst out laughing.

4) London Tower. LONDON TOWER. We checked out the Torture Chamber, we hung out in the church where Anne Boleyn is buried, chilling and remarkable. For any other Tudor nerds / dark hearts who know Henry VIII was nothing more that a severe, SEVERE romantic - this is an obvious must.

5) The GREAT GEYSIR in Iceland! We cackled like witches, but it's truly magnificent to see. You can't help but feel like a Viking here. Seriously. The land is so barren, the people are so lovely. I think I'll start my black metal band now.

6) THE BLUE LAGOON. One of the 25 Wonders of the World! We dipped our little hands into buckets of clay to slather on our face. We then proceeded to get beers from the poolside bar to enjoy as we soaked. I will take this image to the grave: Donna floating through, mud on face, beer in one hand, Devil Horns up rockin' the other hand saying, "This is how I'm going through the Pearly Gates." SISTER, me freaking too!

Now, more musings for the rest of you. I feel like I always get really over sentimental whilst reminiscing about these trips - but it's because it still kind of blows my mind! This big, fashion family has moulded my young adult life so immensely, I feel eternally grateful to Matt and Nat for giving me the family I never knew I needed so bad!

Traveling to new places and getting rid of all the monotony of our day-to-day lives is so important because it realigns our heart + mind and shakes our perspective back to where it is supposed to be. Days before leaving for this trip, the most wonderful of men dropped into my life out of nowhere, like a pinch of magic. I remember sitting on that IcelandAir flight en route to London, watching Donna laugh at her TV screen, listening to the two drunk chicks from Castlegar  in the seats across from us laugh their asses off, my heart feeling more full of romance than it ever has, and I thought - "This life is actually, fucking crazy." Because it is. My life already at twenty-six is absolutely nothing I ever expected it to be, but at the same time everything I could have ever hoped for. "I didn't chose, no I was chosen by a life that must be lived in passing through."

My last, rosy-shaded musing for you all from this journey comes from our cab ride en route back to the airport for Iceland. Our driver was a rugby player and a driver in the off season. His demeanour was soft and kind; and he took a liking to us rock n' roller Canadians. We got to talking and he was telling us that his dream was to save up as much money as he could in England so that he could live on a Greek island (he's already bought the house!) and to start a little cafe that he could manage into old age. He told us, "Life. It's really simple. It's us that overcomplicate it. Find the people who love you. Love them back. Cut out everyone in your life that doesn't love you. Work hard. Raise a family. Enjoy life. That's it."

Now this, none of this is rocket science. But you know when you hear some things and it totally knocks the wind out of you? This was one of those moments for me. If we spent all our energy in the day into loving all the good people in our life, focusing on our work, on our contribution to this life - you know how much better humans we would all be? There's way, WAY too much drama in all of our North American stressed out lives. And I for one, will be following in the footsteps of this young chap, because it's 100% on point. Or, if Donna was writing this - she would say, "Sometimes you just have to tell people to fuck off. We don't do that enough." So, here it is, my silly heart pouring out to all of you, thank you for hanging out with me for this little London dream! All the love in the moonlight XO