Noelle + Donald, A Dino-Sized Love.

I met Noelle at Bridal Fantasy last January and was struck firstly by her beauty and secondly by her adorably quirky sense of humour asking how I felt about a dinosaur-themed wedding. Fast forward a few weeks and I met her and Donald for a coffee where I asked, “So you guys are dinosaur people?” To which Donald responded, “Are you asking if we’re hybrids?” LOL. As you can tell, relationship was off to a hilarious running start.


So as their September wedding day approaches - Banff was graced by a beautiful early fall snowfall making the whole day seem like a true wedding fairytale! Not the autumn colours Noelle was hoping for, but I think the snow actually made it extra magical. Complete with dinosaur centrepieces, dino-topped donuts, and I think the best wedding playlist I’ve heard yet - their wedding day felt intimate and authentically them. I hope you love these images as much as I do! (and YAS, her dress, the bouquet, the furs, everything was to die for!) Thank you Noelle and Donald for including Allison and I in your special day, wishing you all the happiness this world can bring! XO


Kat + Dallas, Tofino Elopement.

I met Kat about nine years ago when we were both working in the pro shop at Victoria Golf Course. She is a stunning fine art painter, old world heart and we’ve always had a soul connection - I often refer to her as my little sister. But as our twenties are filled with growth and searching - Kat went off to school in Montreal and then settled in on the coast living on a boat with her dreamboat, Dallas.


I had only met Dallas once prior to this magical elopement - but Kat said from the moment they met she knew he was the one! And I think he felt the same too because their engagement came pretty quick after they started dating. The two of them made me feel so much love - so much confidence in the journey we are all sharing together - their love is so solid and full! It’s mesmerizing, truly!

Our day started with getting ready in a GORGEOUS Air BnB very close to Cox Bay - which was both their engagement location and our set vow location for the following day. And in true “good luck” nature, the wedding day was filled with heavy rain, thick gorgeous fog and some pretty low temperatures. But we didn’t let that get us down! We still hiked up to the vow location and carried on as we had planned - and I must say, my goth soul always loves gloom for photos. I hope these images bring you as much joy as they bring me! A huge congrats to both of you Kat + Dallas, I can’t wait to see where your wanderlust hearts lead you next.


Atop a Foggy Mountaintop

I sincerely wish wedding season / utter life chaos left me with a lot more time to write... but it never does! But I promised myself I would take more time to share some photos and thoughts this year, so let's try keep that up - shall we?

Panorama has always held such a special place in my heart. It's the place we learned to ski, snowboard, drink beers in the hot tub, hit jumps and run straight into trees. I think my best "growing up" memories with my cousins reside at the top of this mountain. Thus, you can imagine how giant my heart swelled when Kara and Corey asked me to photograph their mountain getaway wedding - with group photos at the top of the chair lift!

This ghost fog. It's too much for words.

This ghost fog. It's too much for words.

I know I always "mush on" about how much I love weddings. But it's seriously the best job in the world. And THIS DAY. This rainy, foggy, love-filled, new-friends-everywhere day was no exception. Total highlight of the summer! Getting to share this magical day with all of you was truly special. We laughed, we cried, we scoured the candy bar, and we definitely drank too much (that's not even professional, is it?)

     “I love you as high as the sky and as deep as the sea.”

Thank you, Corey and Kara for letting us share your special day with you! Panorama will never be the same. XOX

Move on over, Valencia. 100% necessary selfie.

Move on over, Valencia. 100% necessary selfie.