the sissy fits

YEGGERS Spotlight. Hi, I'm Awkward.

When I was en route to Tofino for Kat and Dallas’ elopement Brayden of Lost Coordinates contacted me about setting up a video the following week for the YEGGERS Instagram. Instantly a few thoughts went through my head:

  1. Poor Brayden has no clue how bananas awkward I am.

  2. How am I going to pull together a super fun shoot in a week that’s video worthy?

  3. Who is even available on a Friday night in our short, short summers and would like to donate their time to the cause?

Enter stage left: The Sissy Fits! I have followed The Sissy Fits on Instagram for quite some time but never had the gusto to contact them about a shoot - but this video feature seemed like the perfect opportunity! Turns out the girls are everything I dreamed them to be and then some - they are true rock queens! Kudos to Brayden for making me feel super comfortable and not like the awkward turtle I usually am. And extra special thanks to Justine Ma for letting us use her garage door as a backdrop for the festivities! Here’s a peek at the video and some of the images from the shoot. XO!