Mi Amore - Lindsay + Leonardo

I've had the pleasure of having Lindsay in my life a few years now and she's proven herself to be a superb wine-slingin' + psych chattin' pal! And up until now I've only "heard" about her gorgeous Italian beau, Leonardo. When we were planning this shoot Lindsay said, "I just want it to feel like us and we hate posing." I instantly knew the key to the success of our session .... a bottle of red and the cutest wine spot in town, Bottega.


All my sessions leave my heart full, but this one "filled my cup" to the very top! Meeting couples and getting to experience their connection, for even a brief moment, is the ultimate high. Lindsay and Leonardo have the most special of connections. They met across the world and have made a long distance relationship work for a long time now! If I could sum up the emotions I felt coming out of this session it would be adoration + inspiration. Thank you, to both of you, for letting me capture a few moments in your already-very-rushed time together! XO