A Backyard Wedding Fairytale, Shelby + Steven.

I met Shelby last spring at Fleur de Villes; after a few minutes of our chatting and a whisper of her backyard elopement wedding I had insisted that I join the party as her photographer! She caught me right in the heart when she said, “We were going to elope, but I really just want my Dad to walk me down the aisle, you know?” Girl, do I ever! That’s one of the major life moments I sincerely wish I could still have my Dad for! That one statement had my heart won forever!

The following week we met for a few wedding details at Cibo downtown (if you haven’t been, you must)… a bottle of wine later she was the fabulous friend I didn’t know I was so missing in my life!! Thank you, Shelby and Steven, for letting me just bombard my way into your wedding day! I loved every minute of it! Your connection is so incredible and raw, everyone is better around you for getting to witness it. Enjoy X

Wedding Dress: Bridal Debut | Suit: Derks | Bouquet: Fabloomosity | HMUA: Glam Artistry Inc. | Antique Couch: Stagecoach Rentals