Chelsie + Eric.

These two. Where do I begin? I met Chelsie years ago through one of my best girlfriends and I instantly fell in love with her love for life and easy-going nature. Not long after, I met Eric. He's genuine, kind and has a zest for life that matches Chelsie's. Their wedding day was exactly that!

It was a warm late October day (superbly warm, actually!). With a love-filled ceremony tucked away at a golden golf-course spot we then left for photos behind the Varscona Theatre. Smoke bombs, a train, confetti and a wedding party so beautiful they belong in a magazine - this was a dream day! We ended our photo journey back at the golf course with tons of tear-filled speeches, delicious food and bountiful drinks. It was truly the perfect fall day! Congratulations Chelsie and Eric, I am so honoured to have been a part of your day! #BeckGoesHam


Andrea + Cam.

My darlings, it's so amazing the people that come and go in your life. It's the best part of this job - and I find I'm constantly marvelling at all these beautiful people around me now! Cam and Andrea are no exception! This is a power-house couple! Great sense of self, solid in their connection, already well-off into their careers for their young age - it was truly such a pleasure to be a part of their day!

Their thoughtfulness and care showed in every detail of the day. From a father-daughter first look to a photo op at the chocolate shop from their first date, to a reception spot at her grandmother's house with the most epic Edmonton river valley views you have ever seen! I cried I think three or four times this day - looking to my awesome assist, Allison, for strength to find her crying too! Take a look through some of the best moments of their day!


Rachael + Sean.

Rachael and Sean, where do I begin! I met these two literally ages ago when we were back in high school through my beautiful cousin, Jen. I've seen them grow from a a teenage punk rocker + dancer to two beautifully accomplished adults with a really solid connection. This day was SO fun. From the Disney infused details, their bulldog fur baby walking down the aisle with them, smoke + confetti cannons, to the epic thunderstorm chasing us that served for the most magnificent backdrop. I couldn't love the two of you anymore and it was truly an honour to be a part of your day! Wishing you all the golden moments that life can bring.

We got to shoot alongside the very talented Morgan Gold - this was his first attempt at a wedding! I think you will all agree - he did a dynamite job! I've attached the video below:


Ashley + Justin.

Greetings and my biggest apologies on such a delay sweet friends! 2017 has been a year unlike no other, truly. One day I'll locate the proper words to talk about it all - but this month I am dedicating my time to blogging ALL the amazing couples from this year! 

I connected with Ashley over Instagram back in 2016 - we chatted over email then met for a tea one night to discuss their wedding. As soon as I saw her - bright purple bob, bright and bold tattoos and the eyes of an old soul - I knew this was going to be a couple I would vibe with.

So, their special day rolls around, I pack up my gear and head out to New Norway. It was a beautiful Alberta prairie day - dry heat, rolling skies, all the lush colours of a good spring. The country drive was soul soothing. We gathered in the cutest tiny chapel with their closest family and friends, snapped some photos at the farm Ashley grew up on and finished out at the lake for a BBQ. I swear, I tell every couple they're my favourite, and I genuinely always mean it! But Ashley and Justin hold a special place in my heart. They're genuine. Their connection is stunning. The only thing more stunning are their warm, welcoming hearts. Here's a few of my favourite snaps of the day!


So when I leave here on this earth, did I take more than I gave?

Today marks not only the summer solstice - today is one month since we lost our beautiful father. Though nothing feels "normal" (as we know this is a sorrow that now accompanies us through our mortal journey) a talk with a co-worker today finally inspired me to write a few of my thoughts down.

One of the few photographs we have of "young dad" - and my current favourite.

One of the few photographs we have of "young dad" - and my current favourite.

Death is as natural of process for us on this journey as birth is - yet (most of us) ignore it and it feels like no one can talk about it in any proper way. But the whole talking piece is really necessary. So I'll share with you my thoughts; when this day comes in your world, just know that we are out here! Loving and ready to hold you in this space.

The people who arrive in these situations - and those who disappear - are surprising. When the dust settles, you will very clearly be able to see who stands with you. This is a (hidden) gift. Experiences of this magnitude will push you into a new space, and there isn't room for all of your old life there anymore. Outside of these few "angels" - the rest of everything feels like useless chatter and it just falls away. What used to stress me out a mere month ago - no longer has any effect on me. I know exactly where my heart lies.

When I see my siblings now, it literally feels like my heart is exploding out of my chest because I see so much "Dad" in them. I see his giant grin, his love of laughter and life, his generous heart - I see all of him. And I know that having twenty-seven great years with Dad and a lifetime with this stunning family marks me a lucky lady. If I wasn't quite sure of eternal life before, I am now. 

"I heard you die twice, once when they bury you in the grave
And the second time is the last time that somebody mentions your name."

Soul spill + verbal garble. I will tell you right now - that it is your job as a good human to wake up every morning and do the very best you can. Tell all the people you love that you love them, every single day. Do the absolute most wicked job at your work as your can. Make an impact. Create community. Spread the love. This life is so short, each day wasted is already too much. There is so much inane, negative content out there - I hope this post stops you and makes you reflect, even for a moment. 

This day came as a shock for us. Now I pour over these old photographs with a renewed and deep love for the job we've been gifted as photographers. We are invited into peoples lives for a day - voyeurs with fancy lenses. We create the images that they display at future weddings, family dinners and clutch onto in death. It's incredible. And overwhelming. All at once.

I got my breath, I got my faith and I remember why I came.

Heather and Ben - Country Love at Home

I was blessed enough to meet Heather through our beautiful mutual friend Dani White (a killer hairstylist from Rock It Out Salon if you're in the market!) back at Bridal Fantasy in January. Heather and Ben are getting married next summer in New Brunswick and wanted to capture some cozy at-home snaps for their engagement photos. Their adorable dog Opey couldn't resist stealing the spotlight! Thank you both for welcoming me into your home, it was truly an honour to spend the afternoon with you both!

Sunday Cozy

Smoke on the Mountain

My dearest dreamers, this might be my favourite memory of the year! Three days ridiculousness and wedding magic at Jasper Park Lodge! How does the story start?

It starts back in April with my first meeting with the FaBLOOMosity team. Every now and then a moment will stop you in your tracks, and you know that life will be different from here on out. And this was one of them. Finding a team of local madhouse geniuses that see magic in the mundane, live to create and have dark romantic souls just like you... well that's one in a million. We were instant friends and this Bridal Fantasy magazine shoot marked our first project out together!

Next up, the Bridal Fantasy team... holy BANANAS! Words do no justice for how much I love you all! I remain in a state of sheer gratitude for getting to join the team on this project. Meeting you all was the best part of it all! Glass Stone Cinema Brandie Sunley Grant Olson Photography you are all major rock stars, major

If this trip was a flip book, you would see: frozen models in elegant furs, a rose garden of dreams, two stunning grooms roaming the grounds, giant bouquets straight from a dreamland, sun-laded days to snowy mornings, Janine scaling a mountain, pastel smoke bombs and Janine scaling a mountain, a herd of mountain sheep, more of Janine scaling a mountain and the entire team creating a confetti storm of rose petals.

The cherry on top of this all was that I got to share this experience with my photo warrior and sister, Donna! We've travelled the globe together. We got bed bugs together. We drink too much whiskey, laugh and cry together. This was the ultimate way to end of the wedding season together! Until next time, XOXOX!

Huge thanks to Harrison from Glass Stone Cinema for this amazing video! Immortalizes the memories, forever! Check out his Vimeo channel here.


Lovers Alone Wear Sunlight

A little more than a year ago I met the most talented, ridiculous, kind-hearted, genius, metal/history buff couple that you could EVER FIND. Legitimately, I tell everyone that Amy and Tanner of Paragon of Design were born in the wrong lifetime. They are the definition of "Renaissance" in the modern day! Masters of All Trades, there is nothing they can't do! Back in the summer we were chatting about how rad a goth wedding editorial would  be (stick with wouldn't be this far if you too didn't have a dark soul!) Picture Apocalyptica meets wedding! Before you know it, the team was assembled and as per usual we were already too far off into our photoshoot dreamland!

This is Amy's wedding dress, can you believe it! Top hat, cake topper, guest book, entire outfits, accessories and styling all handmade by Paragon of Design. You just don't meet people who have this many incredible skill sets anymore! Special thanks so my forever teammate Donny Lynn Photography for shooting this with me!! You always keep my laughing and keep my energy checked when I am spinning out. And to you, sweet Kaespo, thank you for painting my cello! I know that was a terrifying, nail-biting experience! You did a stellar job. Even more amazing now that I get to keep that as a memory to tell my kids about when they pick it up! Stunning makeup by Ashley Skrocki and hair by Stephanie Herwynen. Enjoy XO!

Bold Will Hold

My love for tattoo culture started young. Even though I grew up playing classical instruments, I idolized Brody Dalle of The Distillers, Kat Von D and can still recite every Bad Religion lyric ever written. So I suppose, my niched obsession for portrait photography inked gals and ghouls was in the stars.

There will never be enough great coverage of these alternative beauties, but I'm proud to contribute my small body of work to the cause! I love you guys, I'm so lucky to have you all as dear friends now. Thank you for gracing my lens! One day we will walk around with our ink-laden bodies and will no longer receive the comments, "You know that's permanent right?" "What are you going to do on your wedding day?" "You kids will think you are scary looking!" Keep on rockin' LOVE YOU ALL. Horns up!

70s Inspired Hair Collaboration - Kaitlyn Lumgair

I absolutely ADORE hair collabs, I live for them in fact. Especially when we find each other through the Instagram waves and bond as sisters over strange cocktail combos at Earls! Kaitlyn is an extremely creative stylist from Eveline Charles and had wanted to do some create some grunge-editorial portraits with gels and vintage styling. The location was set for Hotel Macdonald and Kaitlyn's team of mega-talented women was assembled! Not to mention our gorgeous models Anya, Joyce, Emily and Brandi... I mean, look at them... this city is full of the most gorgeous creatures! Thank you to everyone for joining us on this adventure - it was a cold long day, but my soul is completely spilling out everywhere in joy at these images! XO


The Chad.

I met Chad Hepditch from MODE Models a few months ago at our Bridal Fantasy runaway-shoot in Jasper and was absolutely charmed by him! Hilarious, obsessed with Amy Winehouse, killer jawline and the King of Posing - we couldn't resist stealing him back on home turf for a Friday afternoon shoot with some cool graffiti walls. Eternal thanks to my love Donna Lynn Photography for the crazy laughs and endless willingness to hang out with me and engage in some off-colour banter. Chad, I cannot WAIT to see you in Gucci ads and NYC billboards one day. Big dreams, baby. For even bigger destinies. XO

DragonHaus Magazine Volume 2

I truly cannot say enough beautiful things about our city. Everyday my heart is overfilled by all the stunning people that I meet. The story behind this magazine is no exception! I met Jen Hammer years ago in Renee Robyn retouching workshop. Flash forward a couple years and we're both off working in our respective fields photography and she contacted me to inquire about a feature in her new magazine, DragonHaus. It's an awesome local spotlight on the subcultures of our city! Cool alternative artists, musicians and tattooists. Please check it out and send her all your love and support! Thank you Jen for this double editorial + cover feature, you have my endless gratitude!

Goth Bridal: Florals by FaBLOOMOSITY | Dresses: The Bridal Boutique  | HMUA: Emily of Blushed Beaute \\ London Fashion: Styling by Miss Aniela and her infamous team (Endless FSE Love!) |  Location: MC Motors

Screen Shot 2017-01-15 at 12.17.11 AM.png

FRENCH FAIRYTALE Opalus Magazine: Issue 9

If you live in Edmonton and have had the pleasure of meeting Malorie Shmyr, you are a lucky one. This woman is completely loaded with enough charisma, talent and ambition for four humans! One golden star amongst her list epic accomplishments is creating Opalus Magazine. This is a stunning, wonderfully off-centre fashion and art mag. You must click through and check it out, you will not be disappointed! Thank you Malorie for the interview and including my images in this issue! Truly an honour - you are a gem to our city. 

I leave you with the images from my French Fairytale feature. XO!

Opalus Magazine Volume 9
Opalus Magazine Volume 9
Opalus Magazine Volume 9
Opalus Magazine Volume 9
Opalus Magazine Volume 9

A Surprise Proposal, Matt + Jaimi.

Some of you know, and many of you don't... but I get the great pleasure of having dual careers and packing my weeks with a ton of different projects! Variety is truly the spice of life. My day job introduced me to this amazing couple back in the summer and I've had a (minor) obsession with them ever since. They're wonderfully smart, quirky, talented, hilarious and they share the most charming romance I have seen in a long time! So when Matt asked me if I would photograph his surprise proposal I was "100% head and shoulders" in! It was a very chilly Friday afternoon in December and the stage was set by my beautiful boss, Kristin. We had tricked Jaimi into this adventure by telling her I needed lifestyle winter couple photos for some ads coming up in January. This is what happened next:

The Setup
Congratulations Matt + Jaimi - I couldn't think of a more perfect match! XO Bre

Congratulations Matt + Jaimi - I couldn't think of a more perfect match! XO Bre

Tatiana + Adam, Engaged.

There's nothing quite like Canadian winters. Unpredictable, bone-chilling and breathtaking. This gorgeous couple reached out to me and asked for an engagement session that included all their favourite spots: a coffee shop, a book store and the Legislature. Our day rolled around, it was -27 and snowing and they rocked it! Here's some of my favourite snaps of the day. XO Bre!

Love of Mine
Dream a Little Dream

Jane + Oleg. A Splendid Romance.

It's not everyday I meet BEAUTIFUL intellects who love travelling, laughing and metal as much as I do. In fact, it's never. Until I met Jane and Oleg! These two are truly some of the most special souls I've met in my time yet here in the city. I have dreams of all of us making it to Wacken together one day! Though Jane + Oleg had married in the summer before we met, I had the pleasure of photographing them again in all their splendour (in the dead of winter!) Special thanks to my sister, Kaitlin, for accompanying me and making a wee video compilation of our journey this day! Sending my love your way (and waving my devil horns in the air!)

Videography by Kaitlin of 1290 Creative

Source: oleg-and-jane

An Autumnal Dream - Terry and Sydnie

Remember how I promised all of you that I would blog more with the rebrand? I swear, I try! This is a THROWBACK to you Terry and Syd! For you both on your anniversary trip! Last October I had the honour of photographing this BEAUTIFUL union on one of the warmest fall days that has every existed I am quite sure!

Sydnie and I grew up together in our tiny small town, one street apart! We rode the bus together, she was a great friend to my brother through their high school, and it's been nothing but amazing to watch her and Terry's relationship grow into what it is today! Here's some of my favourite snaps of the day. Rad local vendor shout-outs to The Parlour for lending us the space for our photo session and to Fabloomosity for the drool worthy florals! Yeowza!

Sigh! Look at these two!

Sigh! Look at these two!

Wishing you both the best as your journey on through married life! XOXO

Wishing you both the best as your journey on through married life! XOXO

Source: terry-and-sydnie

Atop a Foggy Mountaintop

I sincerely wish wedding season / utter life chaos left me with a lot more time to write... but it never does! But I promised myself I would take more time to share some photos and thoughts this year, so let's try keep that up - shall we?

Panorama has always held such a special place in my heart. It's the place we learned to ski, snowboard, drink beers in the hot tub, hit jumps and run straight into trees. I think my best "growing up" memories with my cousins reside at the top of this mountain. Thus, you can imagine how giant my heart swelled when Kara and Corey asked me to photograph their mountain getaway wedding - with group photos at the top of the chair lift!

This ghost fog. It's too much for words.

This ghost fog. It's too much for words.

I know I always "mush on" about how much I love weddings. But it's seriously the best job in the world. And THIS DAY. This rainy, foggy, love-filled, new-friends-everywhere day was no exception. Total highlight of the summer! Getting to share this magical day with all of you was truly special. We laughed, we cried, we scoured the candy bar, and we definitely drank too much (that's not even professional, is it?)

     “I love you as high as the sky and as deep as the sea.”

Thank you, Corey and Kara for letting us share your special day with you! Panorama will never be the same. XOX

Move on over, Valencia. 100% necessary selfie.

Move on over, Valencia. 100% necessary selfie.

England, Keep My Bones

"Our history runs down our rivers
Down our rivers to the sea
Reminds us of the things that matter
Home and heart and history."

Around here the sky is a little closer, a little closer to the ground.

Hello darlings - welcome back to another much belated round of adventure stories! In case you just came for the photos or don't like to hear about the ridiculousness of two Ukrainian ladies in foreign lands, I'll summarize some of the main highlights from our London + Iceland runaway. 

1) MC Motors. HOLY GODIVA. Check out this crazy set location right now and let your heart explode. If I had it my way I would have every photoshoot from now until eternity there. I would have my wedding there. I would curl up on one of the many couches and live there.

2) Kai Mayfair with the super-pac photo family. If you like colossal-sized GORGEOUS fine art prints and the world's best Wasabi prawns, this is for sure A MUST when one is in London town. Those prawns have haunted my dreams. Seriously!

3) Indian food on the Sabbath with our favourite Polish export, Gzregorz! After fully indulging ourselves we ordered enough vodka doubles to kill a small horse. (2 Ukes + 1 Pol in London, what else did you expect?) We learned very many important Polish terms to utilize for future adventures, such as "sperm absorber." Very important. Sometimes these moments flash back to me at the most absurd of times and I burst out laughing.

4) London Tower. LONDON TOWER. We checked out the Torture Chamber, we hung out in the church where Anne Boleyn is buried, chilling and remarkable. For any other Tudor nerds / dark hearts who know Henry VIII was nothing more that a severe, SEVERE romantic - this is an obvious must.

5) The GREAT GEYSIR in Iceland! We cackled like witches, but it's truly magnificent to see. You can't help but feel like a Viking here. Seriously. The land is so barren, the people are so lovely. I think I'll start my black metal band now.

6) THE BLUE LAGOON. One of the 25 Wonders of the World! We dipped our little hands into buckets of clay to slather on our face. We then proceeded to get beers from the poolside bar to enjoy as we soaked. I will take this image to the grave: Donna floating through, mud on face, beer in one hand, Devil Horns up rockin' the other hand saying, "This is how I'm going through the Pearly Gates." SISTER, me freaking too!

Now, more musings for the rest of you. I feel like I always get really over sentimental whilst reminiscing about these trips - but it's because it still kind of blows my mind! This big, fashion family has moulded my young adult life so immensely, I feel eternally grateful to Matt and Nat for giving me the family I never knew I needed so bad!

Traveling to new places and getting rid of all the monotony of our day-to-day lives is so important because it realigns our heart + mind and shakes our perspective back to where it is supposed to be. Days before leaving for this trip, the most wonderful of men dropped into my life out of nowhere, like a pinch of magic. I remember sitting on that IcelandAir flight en route to London, watching Donna laugh at her TV screen, listening to the two drunk chicks from Castlegar  in the seats across from us laugh their asses off, my heart feeling more full of romance than it ever has, and I thought - "This life is actually, fucking crazy." Because it is. My life already at twenty-six is absolutely nothing I ever expected it to be, but at the same time everything I could have ever hoped for. "I didn't chose, no I was chosen by a life that must be lived in passing through."

My last, rosy-shaded musing for you all from this journey comes from our cab ride en route back to the airport for Iceland. Our driver was a rugby player and a driver in the off season. His demeanour was soft and kind; and he took a liking to us rock n' roller Canadians. We got to talking and he was telling us that his dream was to save up as much money as he could in England so that he could live on a Greek island (he's already bought the house!) and to start a little cafe that he could manage into old age. He told us, "Life. It's really simple. It's us that overcomplicate it. Find the people who love you. Love them back. Cut out everyone in your life that doesn't love you. Work hard. Raise a family. Enjoy life. That's it."

Now this, none of this is rocket science. But you know when you hear some things and it totally knocks the wind out of you? This was one of those moments for me. If we spent all our energy in the day into loving all the good people in our life, focusing on our work, on our contribution to this life - you know how much better humans we would all be? There's way, WAY too much drama in all of our North American stressed out lives. And I for one, will be following in the footsteps of this young chap, because it's 100% on point. Or, if Donna was writing this - she would say, "Sometimes you just have to tell people to fuck off. We don't do that enough." So, here it is, my silly heart pouring out to all of you, thank you for hanging out with me for this little London dream! All the love in the moonlight XO